Castelnau Brut Reserve NV with Craig Rowland's recipes - November 2017

Scottish Field

Peter Ranscombe

In the December 2017 issue of Scottish Field Magazine Peter Ranscombe picks three wines to go with recipes from Craig Rowland that are published alongside. The sparkling wine he selects is Champagne Castelnau Brut Reserve NV, and he says this about the wine with a crab and scallop dish:

Champagne Castelnau Brut Reserve NV:
"Bringing together crab and scallop is a delicious combination. Balancing the flavours in the dish will be key and its exactly the same with the wine, which is why I've opted for the poise and precision of Champagne Castelnau. There's a great balance between the lively acidity and the flavours of red apples, peaches and apricots. What's really impressive for a non-vintage Champagne is the rounded mouthfeel and touches of bread and brown sugar."


GOLD - Sommelier Wine Awards 2015

SILVER - Sommelier Wine Awards 2017

SILVER OUTSTANDING - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017

SILVER - Champagne Masters 2016

SILVER - International Wine Challenge 2016

SILVER OUTSTANDING - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2016

Champagne Castelnau Brut Reserve NV

Champagne Castelnau, France

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