Champagne Castelnau purchases Villa Tassigny

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Belinda Stone

Champagne Castelnau has bought an impressive and historically significant villa property in Reims, which now becomes Villa Castelnau, its new visitor and events centre, due to open in spring 2020. The property, until now known as Villa Tassigny, is situated close to the Reims Heritage Site dedicated to Saint-Nicaise and was previously the function house of the local air base colonel. Villa Castelnau will be a dedicated space for creativity, collaboration and events, providing the backdrop for the forward-thinking Champagne brand which is in a period of exciting development.

“We are delighted to have been welcomed by the Reims city council to establish a second site for our House in the city between Boulevard Lundy and the squares of Saint-Nicaise and General Gouraud. These two sites now give our group of grape growers an increased presence in the heart of Reims. We are happy to be one of the major players in the dynamic Champagne business,” said Fabrice Collin, President of Champagne Castelnau.

The prestigious new address will provide a physical and visual presence in France and abroad for the Champagne Castelnau brand which has a rich history itself of over 100 years. It will be a meeting place for trade and consumers alike, as Pascal Prudhomme Managing Director of Champagne Castelnau emphasises: “Villa Castelnau will provide the environment for exciting brand activity. We plan to hold events showing Champagne Castelnau’s audacious and adventurous attitude, working with a range of partners including talented chefs. As partners of the ADIAF (The Association for the International Development of French Art) we will host multi-cultural gatherings and original exhibitions linked to art and design. Sport, which we support in different ways, in particular cycling, is also likely to play a part in some original ways. 25 Boulevard Pasteur will be the home of our Champagne and a place of inspiration.”

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