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Belinda Stone

Nothing teaches us more about a regions' wines than the privilege of visiting in person. But when long haul flights aren't on the table new technology can now transport us there taking a fraction of the time (and cost). This virtual reality video from Hahn Family Wines has just been shared with us. It's educational for our own team as well as our customers that list Hahn wines and want to be able to confidently talk about the region and the winery as if they had travelled there themselves. 

In 1 minute 30 seconds you glide around and through the Salinas Valley and get a glimpse of that all important sea mist as it rolls in in the morning to cool and protect the vineyards from the hot California sun. The sea mist is a key factor that influences the elegance and ripeness that are hallmark characteristics of fine wines from Monterey, Santa Lucia Highlands and the surrounding AVAs where you find Hahn Family Wines.

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