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Belinda Stone

As the degrees of separation between us as individuals and cases of Covid-19 become less, so too the number of businesses predicted to fail in the next three months become an increasing reality. In Australia where wineries are still in survival mode following the Christmas fires, predictions from the chief executive of the industry body Australian Grape and Wine suggest that as much as a third of Australian wineries could go under as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Fate dealt us a well considered hand in this regard when the decision to expand our portfolio was made not knowing at the time that we would be supporting a business about to be hit by both catastrophes. We added Wicks Estate from Adelaide Hills, widening our Oz offering to all three major wine producing territories.
Speaking to Brett at Wicks Estate last week we asked him how they are coping in the face of adversity and his reply was grateful for small mercies ‘Thankfully wineries [here] are still classified as essential services in South Australia, considering we were in the middle of vintage it would have been catastrophic to close.’ And he was keen to highlight the local community spirit ‘We are still reeling from the Christmas fires here, and much of our resources have gone into assisting the local community and growers. This support still continues.’

As their UK importer and a member of the global business community of wine there is a balance to be had between deciding whether to withhold publicising this important extension to our portfolio during such a sensitive trading period and the opportunity that introducing them to a new export market like ours has to support their sales, their business and future sustainability of their winery.

So if you and your customers are in the market for trying something new we would encourage you to check out the Wicks winery pages on our website and on our wine list and ask that if you would like to taste any of their wines to please get in touch to enquire about samples.

For now we leave you with a picture of Wicks' winery dog Rafa, because even if you’re not looking for new wines everyone loves a photo of a beautiful dog.

Wicks Estate winery golden retriever, Rafa

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