Castelnau Hors Catégorie NV CCF 2067 climbing great heights - June 2018

The World of Fine Wine

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards from World of Fine Wine made “an exhilarating stop along the route of a virtual Tour de France with a distinctive Champagne flavor” - Castelnau Hors Categorie NV CCF 2067.

He opened by describing Castelnau as being one of the “better kept secrets of fine Champagne for more than a century.” Before introducing the Collection Hors Catégorie, “so named to demonstrate Castelnau’s aspiring mastery of heights to which great Champagne can rise.”

He noted its “lace-like filigreed cordon of bubbles,” “aromatic expression on the grand scale” and it’s “impeccable finish of impressive length.”

For the full tasting note, please see below.

“This latest release, which I tasted in Paris in April this year, is composed of a youthful touch of 2011 and a great majority of reserve wines, boldly led by Meunier from the Petite Montagne, home to a particularly graceful expression of the grape. A good proportion of sumptuous Pinot Noir comes from Aubois Les Riceys, where Pinot, especially in 2010, was much better than in Marne. The tightly selected Chardonnay is from the southeast Montagne, as well as from early-harvested Montgueux and the Vitryat. Encepagement: 45% Meunier, 40% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay. Extra-brut dosage (less than 6 g/l) Disgorged 2017.

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