Champagne Castelnau Hors Catégorie Brut C.T 2115 NV

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Champagne Castelnau Hors Catégorie Brut C.T 2115 NV

Champagne Castelnau, France

Only 3,500 bottles were made of this rare wine which is characterised by the blending of a selection of remarkable vintages and the most sought after Crus that put this champagne in a cetegory of its own. Hors Catégorie is the expression of Champagne Castelnau's wine making expertise and is truly unique in the landscape of Champagne. The selection of the finest aged wines illustrates the original and audacious spirit of Castelnau.

Each Hors Catégorie release is unique: a limited edition that doesn't adhere to a repetitive recipe but instead is a stand alone, harmonious blend of the exceptional wines from which it has been made.

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Hors Catégorie Brut NV

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