Bodegas Santalba

A family run winery near Haro disrupting the boundaries of winemaking in Rioja.

A winemaking region with the history of somewhere like Rioja can be the dream of many new world wineries but with tradition and renown can come expectation and predictability. Not so with Bodegas Santalba who are dedicated to challenging and disrupting the acceptable norms of the winemaking region with experimental wine projects every year. Santalba Resveratrol a wine found to contain the highest naturally occurring level of this health giving antioxidant in the world, Santalba Las Flores a rioja dessert wine, a beautifully packaged amarone style Rioja called Santalba Amaro and the first natural wine on our list: Santalba Natural.

All these wines are intentionally beyond comparison and yet despite an almost paradoxical range they still manage to sit comfortably alongside their sturdy portfolio of the classic Rioja wines under their contemporary Ermita de san Felices label.

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