Coteaux d'aix en Provence

One of the oldest family vineyards in Provence.

Château Barbebelle

Lands cultivated by Romans, a typical château from the 16th century, 45 hectares of vines in a 300 hectares nature reserve: Château Barbebelle is one of the oldest wineries in Aix en Provence! 

It is the stronghold of the Herbeau family and is now run by Madeleine, part of the fourth generation who joined her father after business school to help write the future of the family business.

Together they make three ranges: Barbebelle rosé fleuri which features an artistic and floral interpretation of the winery’s namesake “a beautiful beard” and is a fun nod to the hipster trend. Cuvée Madeline white and rosé express the elegance and freshness that are typical of the appellation Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. And Cuvée Héritage the flagship wine in a beautiful bottle, now only in its second vintage is made from the pressing of the finest grapes from the vineyards. 

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