Cycles Gladiator

It’s been more than ten years since Cycles Gladiator came out with its iconic naked lady wines. Through the years, the brand evolved as did the label, the wine changed appellation, and Adam LaZarre, the original winemaker, left. The two always wondered what could have been... and like any good love story – this one has a happy ending. Both are back together and both are better than ever.

Working on his passion for over 20 years, Adam LaZarre is one of California’s most acclaimed winemakers, having won the LA International Wine Competition a record 3 times, amongst numerous other accolades. Since its creation the Cycles Gladiator labels have raised controversy and divided opinion, they have also morphed in size and form, but the original Cycles Gladiator painting has always remained at the heart of the brand.

When the bicycle became an affordable form of transport in the late 19th century it provided an independence, especially for women that had previously been unknown. Cycles Gladiator wines pay tribute to that spirit of unfettered freedom and expression that graced the era known as the Belle Epoque.

Cycles Gladiator Gallery

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