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Best Western Australian Chardonnnay, Best Australian Chardonnay overall and Best Australian White wine are just some of the trophies the living legend that is Robert Bowen has taken home. 

Domaines & Vineyards, established in 2009, is a collaboration between David Rado and winemaker Robert Bowen. The company is dedicated to hand crafting unique wines from the premium Western Australian wine regions of Margaret River and Pemberton. 

Through his 39 vintage career, mostly in the Western Australian wine industry, Rob Bowen has helped establish and make wines from many of the finest vineyards in Margaret River, Pemberton and Great Southern regions. 


The Picaroon range includes all the great varietal characters from the most popular wine styles from Margaret River. These wines are vibrant, approachable and ready to enjoy. A Picaroon is a pirate, specifically a plunderer of wrecks. 


Named after David Rado’s vineyard property in Pemberton, ‘Pemberley Farms’, the Pemberley range is comprised of what best showcases the cool climate region of Pemberton. 

Robert Bowen:

Produced in very small quantities the Robert Bowen wines are carefully selected for bottling on a vintage by vintage basis, with only outstanding wines from a vintage being bottled under the Robert Bowen label.

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