French Sparkling

Patriarche Père et Fils: masters in the art of making affordable French sparkling wines.

French sparkling wine has a lot to offer the UK consumer and Patriarche Père et Fils are masters in the art of making good quality, affordable French sparkling wines.


Patriarche Père et Fils is the second largest producer of sparkling wine in France. They have a sparkling wine for all areas of the UK wine trade and to suit every price position on a wine list. Héritage is one of the most recent additions to the range.

Pol Remy

A selection of fruit infused sparkling wines for an alternative aperitif and Pol Remy Ice which has been created specifically to be served over ice.

Louis Perdrier

Named after Pierre-Louis Perdrier, cousin of André  Boisseaux, the late owner of Patriarche Père et Fils, Louis Perdrier Brut and Rosé are high quality French Sparkling Wines (“vin mousseux”).

Crémant de Bourgogne

These traditional Burgundian sparklers are already winning acclaim and are popular amongst customers looking for an price sensitive alternative to Champagne. Available as Brut and Rosé the Patriarche and Leonce Bocquet Crémants are all produced using the traditional method and aged on their lees for 18 months to give added complexity.

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