Valle de la Puerta

The Valle de la Puerta Vineyard was established in 1994, and now has 150 hectares under vine. The winery was built in 2002 and is one of the most modern and technologically advanced wineries of its type in Argentina. Located in the Famatina Valley approximately 754 miles North West from Buenos Aires the winery and its vineyards sit between the Famatina and Velasco Mountain ranges, which are part of the Andes. This unique valley offers a magnificent visual backdrop and a special microclimate. The hot and dry summer days and cool nights combine with the clean air and desert-like topography of the valley to ensure outstanding ripening conditions for grapes. Rain is scarce with only 4 to 8 inches per year and for this reason the winery has to source its water for irrigation from 200 metre wells.

Hundreds of years ago the Famatina Valley was inhabited by the indigenous people called the Diaguitas. Ironically, the lack of rain, a constant everyday problem for the Diaguitas, is one of the key variables to producing the high quality wines that originate from this barren elevated desert valley. Artwork that survives on remnants of the Diaguita‘s pottery is commemorated on the labels of the Valle de la Puerta wines.

Las Olas:

The wines are attractive and fruit-driven, a style that is easy drinking and offers excellent value for money. As with the La Puerta Alta wines, symbols from the pottery of the ancient Diaguita tribes that lived in the
area have been incorporated onto the labels.

La Puerta Alta:

The La Puerta Alta wines are estate grown and bottled. The grapes are hand-picked from drip irrigated vines which are hand pruned and canopy-managed for optimum flavour ripeness. Once the wines are produced, the best reds are carefully selected for the Alta range and kept in separate tanks until both primary and secondary fermentation is complete. Then they are blended with Reserva wines that have been aged in French and American oak barrels for 6 months.

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